Wednesday, June 22, 2016


"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."
- Denis Waitley
 To I am going to focus on achieving happiness through Gratitude. Have you ever heard the saying that like attracts like? If we are focused on the negative then that is what we will attract. This is a true thing you can test yourself. We will use music as an example. If you listen to a sad song maybe one about lost love you will start focusing on that emotion. Maybe it brings up memories of days past when you lost someone you were close to. After that you seem to be in a slump and are sad or in an all around bad mood. The rest of your day seems to go bad making the mood worse. That is because we are now focused on negative things. We are producing a negative thought energy within our brain. There are also scientific studies to back up the factor that our brains put off energy. So what can we do to assure we have a happy day?

Count your blessings! 

Yes like that old song says 'Count your blessings instead of sheep'. In this case though you should list the things you are grateful for throughout the day. Not just in the morning or right before bed. Anytime you are feeling down count out 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Even if you are the happiest you could be list your Gratitudes. Also thank the universe for bringing those  moments, people and items into your life.

Are you still wondering how this makes you happy? It is actually very simple really. It's like the whole thing of listen to a sad song become sad also. Only with this you are thinking about all the things that bring you joy. You are changing your mindset from negative thought to positive thought. This releases the happy hormones in our brains when we experience happiness. The happy hormone gets to pumping and we are happy all by changing our thoughts from bad to good. Do you see what a simple thought can do?

A good way to do your list what you are grateful for is by keeping a journal. You can call it your gratitude journal. That way also you can go back and read what you write each day. You can write out stories of why and what you are grateful for. You can talk about good experiences you are grateful for. Or you can do like I have done in the past and simply made a list. When you keep making these list daily you also train your mind to see more than just a few things. I have been in that slump before where I do really good to count out at most 3 things to be grateful for. They are always my husband, my kids and that we have a roof over our heads. As I kept counting my blessings each day however I was able to see even more things. I started being grateful for each breath I breath, waking up in the morning, when I get the chance to watch the sun rise or set. Just the small wonders we take for granted every single day.

Don't get me wrong. My life is not perfect by any means. Nobodies life is perfect. Perfect and perfection is an illusion. What might be perfect to one is not perfect to the other. I don't want a perfect life though. If it was perfect then that means I have reached the end. There would be nothing more to learn and we never stop learning. If you stop learning you stop living. Life is one big lesson we are living through. Trial and error.

As an exercise to help create happiness count your blessings. Also I will add it is a good end and start to each day. So yes start each morning out listing gratitudes in your mind or journal. Say them out loud to yourself in the mirror while you are getting ready for your day. Each night say all of what you are grateful for from that day. Thank god or whoever you connect with for those moments in your life and day.

So, since I am telling you to list your blessings I will list some of mine. Remember do not think about the negatives and also look for the positive in a negative. List that as a gratitude. Example: "I ran out of gas and had to walk to the store. What is the positive in this? I would have missed the chance to see the beautiful flower growing from the crack in the side walk. I became active for 30 minutes which is good for my health. I enjoyed the breeze blowing and even met a nice person along the way. I slowed down in life even if for a brief moment and it really helped me connect in a spiritual manner. If I would have looked at it in a negative way I would have missed so much." So slow down take a deep breath and take in everything around you. Except change and what could be negative moments.

My list of Gratitude:
My children
My husband
My home
My blogs
My friends
My family
The food provided for us
My ambition
The beautiful day today
The clothes I wear
The luxuries we are able to have
The time I get to spend with my children
The chance to work from home

These are only a few. I can list so many more and go into huge detail on each one. It is helpful when you can also tell why you are grateful for something or someone. It helps you understand why you hold on to that particular person or item. Say ok I am grateful for my car. Why? Because it once belonged to my grandparents. Or because it gets me where I need to be. Or maybe even listing the fact that some people don't even have that. Some people don't even have the luxury to be able to own a car. I am grateful I have the means to be able to own a car. I am grateful I have the money to buy gas for my car. I am grateful I can afford to have insurance on my car. See one thing you list can become so many more things to be grateful for. So start counting your blessings and change your mindset! 

Till next time. Live, Laugh, Love

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Succeed With Help

I am putting this out there to everyone! I am seeking a select few to give a month of Free coaching to. I want to build my experience, receive feedback and get testimonials. So how can you take advantage of this? Email me at with "Free Month Coaching" in the subject line. I will email you the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire for you to fill out and send back to me. Easy as pie. I will select from those who return the Questionnaire. I will not take all who inquire. This only has a small number of spots open.

So with that being said...
I have been reading a book called 'Write It Down Make It Happen' by Henriette Ann Klauser.
It talks about visualizing and focusing on your goals by writing them down. There are stories from other people about how writing things down helped them achieve goals. It is a really great book.
 I made my list yesterday. I will give more of an incite when I feel that those goals have been met. Or if they may not become more than a goal written on a sheet of paper.

Till next time Live Laugh Love!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Motivation Monday - June 20

It's Motivation Monday!

When you wake up every morning tell yourself "I am Awesome".
When your feet hit the floor tell yourself "I am Awesome".
Anytime you stand in front of a mirror to brush your teeth or prepare for the day say those 3 words.
I am Awesome!
Don't just say them, believe them.
Believe you are Awesome.
Remember always you are Awesome.
Feeling & being positive starts with us.
It starts within us.
Like attracts like.
So attract positive in your life today...
Wake up & be Awesome!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Come Journey With Me

In life we journey down many paths as we grow. Sometimes we need encouragement and someone to help us with making changes in our lives. Or we start a new business adventure or already have an established business, but would like to build more online for marketing. In times like that we seek out a person who can coach us. Someone who has walked down that path before. Someone who has put their own advice into affect in their own lives or business.

I am that person! I have used my own marketing tips with my personal Direct Sales businesses. I have coached and trained fellow Direct Sales Team Members in the past. I helped them grow their businesses online. I have studied spirituality through the years. I am always learning while I am teaching. I have implemented all of the key tips I give others within my own life. So come allow me to be your Journey Coach! That's right, I use the title Journey Coach. I am here to empower and coach you through whichever Journey you as an individual are taking. Need it be Business Building, Spiritual or Life.

No single Journey is a like so with that I give free consultations first. I will speak with you on what you would like coaching on. With that I will give you a quote for payment. First session after the free consultation will be to create your goals and plan of action. All goals and plan of action are created with you the client. It is all of what you would want to do, not what I would want you to do. This after all is your Journey and I am here to empower, coach and give advice. So what are you waiting for?

Contact me today to get started with your FREE Consultation!